History of Northland Hearing Services, Inc.


In early 1991, James Taylor began a hearing aid retail store called Ears to Hear in Fairbanks,

Alaska. Content to work part-time, the business continued for a number of years without

growing. In 1997, Mr. Taylor changed the business name and business license to Northland

Hearing Services. In 2000, Mr. Taylor decided to move out of Alaska to the Lower 48, and so

sought a successor to purchase his small practice.


In June, 2001, Maria Clark purchased Northland Hearing Services. Shortly after re-opening,

Maria’s entrepreneurial spirit lead her to double the floor space of the office from 750 square

feet to 1,400 square feet. Training and mentorship from some of the leading audiologists of the

Northwest gave rise to early success. Good customer service and new advertising quickly lead

to a much more successful business. Growth brought more demand, so Maria started having

her younger 3 sons help out at the office with filing, phone answering and scheduling

appointments. Within a year, Maria had doubled the size of the hearing aid clinic and was

invited to join a new hearing aid providers’ group called Starkey Hearing Alliance. By mid-2002,

Maria realized that Northland Hearing needed a place to call its own, a location that would offer

expansion opportunities.


In 2003, Northland Hearing moved down College Road to the River Mall, a strip mall of

individual business condominiums. In this more accessible location, Northland Hearing grew

more and more each year. 2006 brought a leap forward in hearing aid technology with the

advent of nano-engineered computer chips which allowed much more sophisticated software

calculating sound algorithms at previously unprecedented speeds. That year Northland Hearing

once again doubled in patient base. In 2007, Maria Clark purchased the adjacent business

condo and doubled the floor space to 1,900 square feet.


In 2008, Northland Hearing Services was able to add the “Inc.” to its name as it incorporated in

May of that year. In 2009, Northland Hearing underwent major renovations and state of the art

equipment arrays. Then in 2013, Maria Clark acquired a third business condo and began

remodeling that unit for further expansion. At the end of 2014, Northland Hearing expanded into

this third unit, giving room for growth in the future with over 3,000 square feet of front office,

lobby, licensed kitchen, back office, exam rooms, counseling rooms and multiple bathrooms.

In 2016, Northland Hearing Services expanded, opening a 4,800 sq. ft. facility in the Midtown

district of Anchorage, Alaska. Hiring new staff and serving a new area, Northland Hearing is

looking at a bright future in Alaska.


Through this time of growth and success, Northland Hearing has done well because of two

philosophical pillars: 1. A sincere belief in the great worth of each individual. 2. No matter how

nice, impertinent, melancholy (or even angry) a patient seems, when they are in front of you

they are asking “can you help me?”. Our answer is always “Yes, I can help you”. We can help

by providing better hearing to improve quality of life; because to hear better is to live better.

Maria Clark continues to be majority shareholder, holding the office of Secretary/Treasurer in

the corporation. Isaac Clark is a minority shareholder and Vice-President. Philip Clark is a

minority shareholder and President. Lastly, Josiah Clark is the final minority shareholder and is

a Director.