Northland Hearing Fairbanks

Philip R. Clark, HIS, HAD
Assistant Clinic Director

Professional Member in Good Standing, International Hearing Society Alaska Hearing Professional License: AUD D 78

Philip has grown up in and around Northland Hearing and the hearing industry. He was learning about audiograms, frequencies, decibel readings and hearing loss types before completing high school. His passion is the prevention of hearing loss at workplaces and in the noisy outdoor activities so common in Alaska. He has personal experience in how important this is: as a teenager, Philip went to a live local concert in Minneapolis without hearing protection “just one time”. This caused permanent high frequency tinnitus (ringing of the ears). The importance of hearing protection and the masking of ear ringing is something Philip feels very strongly about and has helped hundreds of people to realize for themselves.

“Ears and hearing are amazing and beautiful things. Working to assist the impressively  complex sense of hearing to perform better, be protected and pay attention to verbal communication is something I want to do for the rest of my life. My resolve is to help as many  people as I am able.”

– Philip Clark

Specialties: Hearing evaluation, custom silicone hearing protection, custom electronic hearing protection, hearing aid shell modification, hearing aid repair, Musician Hearing Protection, wireless hearing aid training, masking tinnitus (ear ringing), general hearing aid fitting and programming.

Foundation of Practice: Hearing Instrument Science and Fitting Practices – International Institute for Hearing Instrument Sciences.

Mentors and Trainers: Will Triplet, BC-HIS, MCAP (Triplet Hearing and Balance Centers, Arkansas), Matthew Taylor, Au.D (Taylor Hearing and Audiology, Arkansas), Ray Woodworth, BC-HIS (Center for Excellence, Eden Prairie, MN), Bill Noell, BC-HIS (Center for Excellence, Eden Prairie, MN), Dennis Van Vliet, Au.D (Starkey Hearing Technologies), Jacques DeLange, Senior Trainer Custom Hearing Aid Production – Starkey Hearing Technologies, Mary Leisses, MA (Audibel Audiology).